About Ayvant IT Services


I have worked with many IT & Computer Services companies in the past. And, most of the people that we met had a bad experience with their previous IT Resource they hired. Some of them said their IT guy doesn’t show up when its actually required and some of them were so dependent that they never kept a record of their passwords, services, documentation, assets and they lost all the information when their IT guys stop responding to their calls and emails.

We at ayvanT look at technology from your business point of view. The solutions that we offer are cost effective, linear & logical. Unlike, other IT companies out there, we don’t sell you things that you don’t need. We keep things very transparent with our clients. 

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15 Years of Experience in IT Consulting & Managed IT

Transparent Processes and Pricing Model

97% First Call Resolution, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Support during Business and After Hours

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