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Every organization must work to achieve a balance between keeping their data secure and allowing users the freedom needed for optimal productivity. It’s an ever-evolving challenge of finding just the right amount of security measures — not too much, but not too little either!

Having a successful organization requires finding the perfect harmony between creative and practical considerations. It’s essential to strike this balance, as disregarding either could have disastrous consequences for any business.

Microsoft’s latest security report is sounding the alarm – with only 22% of users using multi-factor authentication, over three quarters of Azure Active Directory accounts are dangerously unprotected and prone to cyberattacks. Don’t leave your digital doors unlocked – take steps today to secure your account!

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an effective security protocol for preventing fraud, its adoption has remained sluggish. So why are companies failing to take advantage of this powerful tool?

Although Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an easy and effective tool for ensuring security in cloud applications, it’s unfortunately all too often overlooked due to user dissatisfaction. Annoyance at the inconvenience of MFA remains a major obstacle for companies hoping to take advantage of this free protective measure.

The potential damaging effects of sacrificing security can be disastrous. A data breach, caused by the compromise of credentials, could bring a company to its knees – particularly smaller businesses who might not have access to resources necessary for recovery. By fortifying authentication processes and balancing productivity with proper protection measures in place we may just save ourselves from cyber disaster!

Unsecured login credentials can be a major security risk

Technology has enabled businesses to keep their data secure, while at the same time ensuring users have access that is convenient for them. This balance can be achieved through solutions which make authentication more secure but also easy and intuitive for people to use.

With the world of technology constantly advancing

Protecting your data is important

Depending on a person’s environment, the level of authentication they must go through can vary greatly. For those accessing your system from within the same building as you, there is an innate trust factor; however for individuals attempting to log in remotely and abroad, their identity must be checked more thoroughly.

MFA with contextual authentication can help protect your business from malicious logins. The extra security layer of vetting allows you to create customized rules such as blocking access based on location or using challenge questions outside standard work hours, ensuring only authorized users get through the door.

Companies can easily create secure, remote work environments for their employees that don’t interfere with the normal day-to-day operations. Verification of those logging in from offsite locations relies on contextual factors such as IP address, geographic location and login history – all contributing to a comprehensive security strategy.

  • Time of day
  • Location
  • The device used
  • Time of the last login
  • Type of resources accessed

Take your corporate security to the next level and install a Single Sign-on (SSO) solution

U.S. employees are juggling an average of 13 apps throughout the day – that’s a whopping 30 switches! This can be quite tedious, especially if they have to go through multi-factor authentication for each login session.

Single sign-on applications revolutionize how employees access multiple apps – instead of memorizing and inputting separate logins for each, they can now simply enter one set of credentials to gain entry. Making it even easier is the fact that users only need to go through multi-factor authentication (MFA) once!

With multi-factor authentication, accessing multiple accounts is no longer a hassle—users can seamlessly manage all of their activities in one place. SSO solutions provide peace of mind for organizations’ security without compromising user convenience or satisfaction.

Unleash the power of device recognition

Enhanced network security can be achieved with device recognition, which is made simple through the use of an endpoint device manager. This automated process allows for streamlined user authentication without compromising on safety!

Get your employees’ devices registered quickly and easily with the endpoint device manager. Then, secure their systems from unwelcome visitors – security rules can be set up to automatically prohibit access for unrecognized devices.

Employ device scanning and automated updates to ensure top-level security without compromising productivity!

Secure your organization with Role-based Authentication!

While your shipping personnel handle the delivery of goods, it is up to accounting staff to manage sensitive customer details. To protect this confidential data, they must take extra precautions with their authentication process – a protocol that ensures security remains uncompromised.

Role-based authentication makes it simpler and faster to onboard new staff, allowing admins to quickly set up accounts with the right access permissions. By programming contextual factors just once, employees can take advantage of automated identity management tailored specifically for their unique role within the organization.

Up your security game by introducing biometrics

Biometrics offer a secure and effortless way to authenticate users – with just one quick scan of their fingerprints, retina or face. In no time at all, you have total assurance that the person is who they say they are!

Introducing biometric hardware into your organization doesn’t have to break the bank – start small and gradually incorporate it. Consider initially deploying biometrics within roles that require greater security, then expand from there.

Smartphones have revolutionized authentication with their ability to feature facial scanning, making it more accessible and cost-effective than ever before.

Struggling to protect yourself from cyberattacks?

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