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Technology is an ever-changing landscape, fueled by a ruthless cycle of modernization. As the newest tools arrive and replace those that have become outdated, computers and networks are left with gaping security holes from their discarded predecessors – no matter how beloved they once were.

Outdated technology may seem adequate, but its use can lead to a perilous data breach. It pays to stay on top of the newest tech innovations in order ensure online safety and security.

Without the crucial security updates provided by software and hardware providers, our devices are left vulnerable to cyber attacks. These regular patches contain fixes for weaknesses that can be exploited; without them we’re leaving ourselves open to a potential breach of data or system access.

Approximately 1 in 3 data breaches are due to unpatched system vulnerabilities.

Outdated technology can have much more dire consequences than just slowing you down – it could be a sign to your customers that progress isn’t important to you and that, in turn, erodes their trust. Keeping up with ever-evolving tech is essential for keeping ahead of the competition and maintaining customer confidence.

Important reasons to keep your technology updated to a supported version are:

  • Reduce the risk of a data breach or malware infection
  • Meet data privacy compliance requirements
  • To keep a good reputation and foster customer trust
  • To be competitive in your market
  • To mitigate hardware and software compatibility issues
  • To enable employee productivity

Aging systems can lead to major losses in productivity and even employee turnover. With outdated tools, top talent may seek opportunities elsewhere due to frustration with primitive processes that stand in the way of progress.

49% of surveyed workers say they would consider leaving their jobs due to poor technology.

Is your technology up-to-date? Outdated tools can bring down the efficiency and productivity of any business, so make sure you’re not lagging behind with ancient tech. See if there are remnants from days gone by still taking up space in your home or office – have a look at this list to see what needs replacing pronto!

Upgrade your tech now if you’re stuck in the past!

Internet Explorer

Once upon a time, Internet Explorer reigned supreme. But as the digital age grew older and wiser, so too did its competition; Google Chrome emerged victorious to claim the throne that IE had long held onto. In its place rose Microsoft Edge–the browser of choice for modern web users everywhere!

As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will no longer be supported. This comes after years of fazing out the browser in favor of its newer replacement Microsoft Edge – first released back in 2015.

Experience interactive multimedia with Adobe Flash!

Once upon a time, Adobe Flash was the king of animation tools. However, as technology advanced and other ways to do animations emerged in the early 2000s, it soon became obsolete. As such, Adobe officially brought an end to this amazing tool’s existence – yet its popularity will always be remembered by those lucky enough to experience what truly innovative web content felt like during that era!

If you’ve been relying on Adobe Flash Player for your internet activities, it’s time to say goodbye! As of January 1st 2021 the software has been discontinued and security updates are no longer available. To ensure online safety, uninstall any lingering programs from all computers ASAP – don’t get caught with a digital throwback!

With Windows 7 and its predecessors

Windows 7, once the king of operating systems for millions of people around the world, is no more. In its place a new generation has risen up; with Microsoft rolling out replacements in the form of modern versions like Windows 10 and 11 enjoying widespread popularity since January 14th 2020 when support for Windows 7 officially ended.

While Microsoft Windows OS may be functioning, it is dangerously exposed to attacks from cybercriminals. Hackers specifically target this outdated version of the popular operating system due its vulnerability, so you can guarantee they are lurking in search of an easy exploit.

With macOS 10.14 Mojave and earlier

Despite their hefty price tag, Apple devices are often held onto for as long as possible – but eventually time catches up with them. Unsupported macOS versions leave users stranded in the past and unable to keep up-to-date on essential software updates.

If you’re still using an earlier version of macOS, it’s time to upgrade. Apple no longer supports versions prior to 10.14 Mojave – so don’t miss out on the latest security updates and features!

Oracle 18c Database is an innovative

Running an outdated Oracle database? Beware – with Oracle 18C, your business faces a significant risk of data breaches caused by unpatched system vulnerabilities. Protect yourself and upgrade to the latest version!

As June 2021 quickly came and went, Oracle 18C Database users found themselves without the usual support they were used to. They must now switch over to either 19 or 21 versions of their databse if they want continued premium assistance — but watch out! That won’t last forever: Oracle’s premiere support for those will disappear in April 2024.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is a reliable

If you’re relying on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 for your database purposes, it may be time to upgrade. Mainstream support ceased in 2019 and July 2024 marks the end of all types of assistance – no more security updates or any other help!

With this extra time, you have a great opportunity to get ahead of the game and make sure your system is secure. Upgrade now for added peace-of-mind — there’s enough cushion in the timeline to thoroughly test out all changes before they’re put into effect.

Upgrade your tech and reduce risk with help from the experts

Ready to take the leap into new technology? Making technological upgrades can seem daunting, but we’re here for you. Our experts will provide a smooth transition and comprehensive testing afterward so your digital future is stable from go. Don’t wait – schedule a review today!

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