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Companies that prioritize customer experience reap huge rewards: 60% more profits than their counterparts, in fact. In today’s technological world, customers demand higher standards of engagement and service – which can obviously be beneficial for businesses striving to make an impact on the bottom line!

In our modern age, the convenience of smartphone shopping has amazed us with its ability to deliver products right to your doorstep in practically no time. To stay ahead of rival businesses and satisfy customer expectations, leveraging powerful technology is essential.

As we head into 2023, why not make a resolution to improve your customer experience? With the help of cloud technology, you can give customers and clients an amazing time while also saving money. From applications that generate leads to those designed with happiness in mind – put these tools in place now for maximum satisfaction from here on out!

1. Looking to get a better understanding of your customers?

Companies that thrive understand the power of customer feedback. By implementing annual satisfaction surveys, businesses stay in touch with their customers and are able to use this valuable insight for meaningful improvements and greater success.

Outdated processes like relying on Word documents drive customers away. Achieve smoother customer feedback by upgrading to an online survey application today!

Looking for the perfect way to collect data from customers or stakeholders? Thanks to Microsoft 365, you now have access to an easy-to-use survey tool which can be accessed on any device and doesn’t require additional attachments. Get real feedback quickly with this powerful online solution!

With just a few clicks, you can open your form survey tool and quickly view the results – no tedious data collection required!

2. A revolutionary way to engage customers

With limited resources, businesses strive to provide quality customer service during regular business hours. However, the demand can be high and staff may not always have time to respond right away—but they will do all in their power to help customers as quickly as possible.

By implementing a chatbot on your business website, you can help ensure that nobody is ever left waiting for an answer to their questions. This cutting-edge technology allows customers the convenience of receiving immediate assistance at any time – day or night!

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with businesses, providing convenient and efficient solutions to all kinds of inquiries. Impressively, in sectors like healthcare and banking they can respond accurately to as much as 90% of customer questions – making them one of the most popular digital tools out there today!

3. Enhance business efficiency with a mobile app

Mobiles phones have become an essential part of modern life, with people tethered to them wherever they go. As a result, mobile apps are now the primary means for many people when it comes to connecting with data and businesses – in fact Google searches via smartphones currently exceed those done on desktops!

Unlock a new realm of customer engagement with your very own mobile app! With the right development team, you can create an interactive platform to connect with customers. Whether they need help troubleshooting or are looking to place orders and schedule virtual calls – give them the convenience they deserve without ever sacrificing product quality.

4. Need help on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger has become a vital part of everyday life for millions around the world, climbing to an unprecedented 2nd place in iOS app rankings. Making staying connected easier than ever before, users have been able to keep up with loved ones and businesses alike – all from their phones!

Businesses are taking advantage of Messenger’s popularity to create meaningful connections with leads and provide customer support. By using the app, companies can build trust through immediate answers that demonstrate their commitment to help customers quickly – all while enhancing a positive opinion of their brand!

5. VoIP technology has revolutionized communication

Juggling different contact numbers for your staff can be confusing, creating an often frustrating experience for customers. Streamline communication and simplify the process with a VoIP phone system – giving customers one number to reach any of your team members anywhere!

Employees can have the same number no matter where they work – from their desks, to home offices or on-the-go! A reliable mobile app with VoIP service gives them an easy way to handle customer calls using their smartphones without having to revert back and forth between a personal phone number.

6. Text Notification Apps

As digital communication continues to evolve, many companies are making the switch from email notifications to text messaging. Retail giants Shoe Carnival and World Market have tapped into this trend by offering SMS as a way for customers to stay up-to-date with shipping info, special deals, and exclusive coupons – all without lifting a finger!

With the click of a mouse, you could easily access services online to enhance your customers’ experience. Whether it’s for appointment scheduling and reminders, sale announcements or shipping notifications – take advantage today and watch their satisfaction skyrocket!

7. Profit from the ultimate CRM and sales platform

Customers can feel left in the dust when sales and customer service don’t seem to be on the same page. Nothing’s worse than discussing modifications to an order with a salesperson, only for those specifics not being communicated further down the line.

Streamline your information flow and maximize the customer experience with an all-in-one CRM/Sales platform. This cloud service allows you to keep a single record for each client, where notes from sales and customer support teams are readily accessible so everyone can stay up to date on interactions. Unlock powerful insights into how customers interact with your team!

Customers benefit from improved experiences, while an increase in efficiency and productivity come as a result of better understanding between all parties. No longer do any opportunities fall through the cracks – everyone is on the same page!

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