Customers have become accustomed to the convenience that technology offers and as a result, their experience is paramount. From streamlined webforms to intuitive POS systems, creating an enjoyable buying journey for customers will ensure your business excels.

Unhappy customers can quickly become ex-customers, and not just because of dissatisfaction with the product or service. Even something as seemingly small as a confusing website design or unanswered questions could send them on their way. Companies must ensure they provide the best customer experience for long-term success!

Companies dedicated to customer satisfaction reap the rewards of their efforts – 60% more profit than those that don’t prioritize creating a positive experience for customers. Making it simple and straightforward for people to do business with you boosts your bottom line, setting yourself apart from competitors.

Technology plays an essential role in turning website visitors into loyal customers. By utilizing the right tech solutions, companies can foster customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Where should you focus? Below are several ideas for all business budgets.

Cloud Forms offers an innovative way to manage IT resources

Is your customer journey still in the dark ages? Cut out Microsoft Word and transform their experience with cloud-based forms. Customers won’t need to save anything or remember to send it back – one click on a link is all they’ll need, no matter what device!

Unlock the power of automation and access quick insights into your data with cloud-based forms. With a few clicks, you can streamline processes while uncovering meaningful trends through efficient data aggregation and analytics!

With Microsoft 365, you can quickly and easily create custom cloud forms! Just open the list of available applications to find ‘Microsoft Forms’, or take a look at their website for more info.

Electronic authentication is made easy with digital signatures

The digital revolution is speeding up, with experts predicting a staggering 69% growth in the use of eSignatures by 2024. This allows for contracts to be quickly and efficiently signed without any unnecessary printing or scanning activities that could otherwise cause delays.

From running out of ink to struggling with a seldom-used scanner, there are countless issues that could leave customers hesitant about signing an essential document.

Electronic signatures make transactions fast, easy and legally binding. No more paper shuffling – everything can be handled instantly online!

Meet Smart Chatbot

Consumer questions can often make or break a buying decision – providing them with an easy and seamless way to get instant answers may be the difference between acquiring, or losing, that customer.

Gone are the days of waiting on a customer service rep – enter Chatbots! Not only can they answer most questions quickly and accurately, but with round-the-clock availability their virtual expertise is always there to help in any situation.

Consumers are thrilled about chatbots – 68% of them, to be precise! Instead of waiting hours for an email response, customers can quickly get their questions answered without having to reach out directly. Chatbot technology is proving useful and popular with shoppers everywhere.

Get the latest updates in an instant

SMS notifications offer a modern and efficient way to communicate important updates with customers. Emails can be easily clogged up by junk mail or overlooked, but texts are almost always seen as soon as they’re sent – making them an ideal choice for companies that want to ensure their messages don’t get lost in the ether!

Keep your customers in the loop with SMS notifications. Give them a choice of how they want to receive important information, such as payment updates or shipping statuses – and make sure you provide an easy way for people to opt-in/opt-out at any time!

Streamline Your Business with a Mobile App

We’re in the throes of a digital transformation, as an ever-increasing number of people switch from traditional websites to mobile apps. Fueled by our insatiable appetite for convenience and on-the-go access, smartphones are driving this paradigm shift toward application use.

With the rapid rise of smartphones, app usage has soared over traditional web searches. Unbelievably, mobile users devote a whopping 90% of their time to apps while only 10% is dedicated to perusing websites on browsers!

Take your business to the next level by adding a mobile app. This will provide convenience and connectivity with customers, as well as additional avenues for marketing and providing services such as timely notifications. Make sure you stay ahead of the competition!

Looking to create an app but don’t have the budget? Consider a “wrapper” option – it will take your existing website and give it a mobile-friendly makeover!

Have a question?

Shopping just got better! Through the use of a convenient and helpful FAQ kiosk, retail stores can make their customers’ experiences more positive. Customers are able to quickly get answers to frequently asked questions as well as look up sales and coupons with ease.

Service businesses can use this digital tool to benefit their customers. It allows them to quickly find answers to the most common questions and get connected with staff offices at lightning speed!

Stay connected with a VoIP Phone System

Your phone system is much more than a tool for your internal personnel – it serves as the gateway to customer experience. Each time someone dials in, they form an opinion of your business based on what’s heard – so make sure you’re providing first-class service through every conversation!

VoIP phone systems provide staff with the opportunity to make a more meaningful impact on customers, regardless of their location. This is made possible through advanced features such as group ring and auto-attendant which improve caller experiences with your business. Plus, users can stay connected via voicemail delivered right to their email!

Ensure your technology initiatives are on the right track

Are you ready to embrace the technology of tomorrow? Let us help maximize your success by strategically combining new and existing solutions. Our experts can provide advice that will pay dividends in both the short-term and long-run – all it takes is a simple call, so don’t delay!