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Microsoft Ignite is the annual event that gives fans of all things Microsoft a chance to stay up-to-date on new developments and breakthroughs. Get ready for an exciting lineup – it’s your one stop shop for innovative news in the world of technology!

At last October’s Microsoft Conference, the tech giant unveiled some of its most exciting creations and innovations. This year has been busy so you may have missed out on these remarkable achievements – but don’t worry! We’re bringing them to you now for a second chance at discovering all that Microsoft had in store.

At the event, Microsoft Teams was one of the biggest winners. As “the app at the center” of their 365 services, they’ve certainly been busy – over 450 new features have launched in a single year to support its 280 million-strong user base! With this kind of progress and attention to detail who knows what 2020 will bring for Microsoft Teams?

Upgrade your digital workflow with the latest Microsoft App announcements from Ignite! We’ll explore some of Teams’ fantastic features, and get you set up for success. Let’s dive in and make productivity easier than ever before!

Enjoy the benefits of working together with Teams Premium!

Microsoft has released an impressive upgrade to Teams with a powerful AI twist. This advanced service comes equipped with amazing features that make it seem like you have your own personal assistant, taking the traditional online meeting experience up several notches!

The Teams meeting app has some awesome features that make it easier than ever to stay on top of your meetings. It’ll automatically generate chapters for you, so no need to take manual notes—plus, get personalized highlights right away! No more rewatching the same conversations multiple times; this smart tech can help keep you in the loop and save time too.

Enjoy effortless connections with people around the world thanks to real-time translations and meeting guides. Meeting guides allow you to customize your meetings according to whatever needs arise, making international collaboration easier than ever!

360-Degree Intelligent Camera for Teams Meetings

Introducing SmartVision 60 – the pioneering 360-degree, center-of-room intelligent camera! With extraordinary tracking capabilities that follow speakers as they move around a room and an upcoming people recognition feature, this revolutionary technology is sure to enhance meetings like never before.

With SmartVision 60, virtual meetings come alive! You’ll be able to see and interact with your whole team in full view – no more tiny video feeds. Experience the same dynamics of an in-person meeting from anywhere around the world.

Cisco has achieved a major milestone in their partnership with Microsoft

At long last, Cisco meeting product fans can rejoice! Microsoft and Cisco have joined forces to make Teams meetings possible on all Certified Devices. Both customers and partners now have the luxury of accessing their favorite collaboration tools from anywhere in the world – ushering in a new era for digital communication.

Microsoft has created a new way to explore the world

Microsoft Places is leading the new hybrid movement! It’s an essential team management app that connects to your other applications in the Microsoft 365 hub with seamless integration. Keep everyone on track and connected – no matter where they are working from.

Despite initial fears that the traditional office might become a relic of times past during the pandemic, it has managed to stay afloat—but for how much longer? Remote working quickly became an integral part of many companies’ operations and employees have found they love being able to work from anywhere. In fact, 74% of U.S businesses are already embracing or planning on transitioning towards a more flexible hybrid model as our ‘new normal.’

Microsoft is revolutionizing how we work with Places, their new hybrid office app

  • Manage and track where employees are working (at home or in the office)
  • Track whether coworkers are away or available
  • Track physical room use to make strategic decisions

Need to stay on top of work and meetings?

Companies now have a powerful tool to manage the hybrid working world – Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This integration offers endless possibilities, enabling employers to easily schedule in-person meetings while tracking hours and location for greater flexibility.

With the complexities of today’s office dynamic, it can be difficult to plan for in-person meetings and ensure everyone is included. Making sure you check ahead will help avoid those uncomfortable situation when someone was expecting to work from home only to find out they were unexpectedly invited into the office!

With the new hours and location feature, people have control over their work schedule – no more guesswork! Easily change up locations throughout the day to keep life interesting.

Experience the future now!

Microsoft just unveiled Loop—a thrilling new app entering private preview! This revolutionary program is giving a select few organizations an opportunity to witness its innovative features first-hand.

Loop provides the perfect virtual landscape for creative collaboration. With seamless integration of Microsoft 365 apps, teams can confidently brainstorm ideas without worrying about outdated information – making sure they stay in sync every step of their journey!

Microsoft Clipchamp Video Editor

Discover a new way to create professionally-produced videos right on your Windows PC with Microsoft Clipchamp! Recently unveiled at the Ignite event, this quick and easy video editor is revolutionizing how we make our favorite memories come alive.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed attempting to perfect a video without the right tools, Clipchamp is here for your rescue! The user-friendly platform has an easy learning curve that can make the most novice of users look like professionals.

Need a guide through Microsoft 365’s vast expanse?

Working with Microsoft 365 can be tricky at times, but it’s a powerful tool for streamlining your workflow. With so many integrations to explore, however, you need an expert on hand to help get the most out of its potential. Experience the full power of MS365 and call us today – our consultants are ready and eager to assist!

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