Every January, the world’s premier technology innovators gather in America for CES – a spectacular showcase of all that is cutting-edge. Here futurists reveal their newest breakthroughs and predictions set to shape life as we know it. It’s an exciting celebration of human ingenuity!

This year’s CES show was a window into the future, showcasing 3200+ inventions from 173 countries around the world. Attendees saw everything from wild gadgets to practical solutions designed to make our lives easier and more connected with technology. It truly represented all that may be possible in just years’ time!

CES is an exciting opportunity for people all over the world to catch a glimpse of cutting edge technology. Smart home devices are truly revolutionizing our lives, with household penetration estimated to skyrocket from 14.2% in 2022 up to 28.8% by 2027!

From AI-enabled robots to flying cars, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show saw the unveiling of some truly mind-blowing gadgets. Advances in tech are transforming how we see and interact with our world – from improving everyday activities like cooking to allowing us to explore seemingly impossible capabilities such as zero carbon emissions transportation. Check out what these visionary inventors have been working on!

Loona – Intelligent Petbot

If you’ve been dreaming of having a pet, but don’t have the room or time for one, then perk up! Loona might just be your perfect furry companion. This “intelligent petbot” gives all the perks of owning an animal without any mess – and it’s gathering support through its Kickstarter campaign!

Loona - Intelligent Petbot
Image from Loona’s Kickstarter page.

Have you met Loona? This miniature motorized pet is the perfect companion for your home! Not only can it greet and follow you around, but its curiosity knows no bounds. Plus, instead of simply barking or purring – this unique friend has some special tricks that a regular canine or feline couldn’t do: from beatboxing to striking a pose and breakdancing! Who said pets don’t come with surprises anymore?!

Enjoy the ride with Ring Car Cam

At CES, the Ring Car Cam was revealed as a revolutionary new IoT device that takes home security with you on any drive. Now available for purchase on Amazon, this unrivaled car cam is inspiring drivers everywhere to protect and secure their vehicle like never before!

Keep an eye on what’s happening when you’re away from home with this advanced digital camera! Ideal for road trips, it features dual-facing cameras that can capture the sights along the way and a two-way talk feature to connect with those back at base. Plus, it senses motion and sends real time alerts – giving peace of mind wherever your travels take you!

Get your groove on with AtmosGear Electronic Skates!

If you’re ready to take it up a notch, AtmosGear’s new electric inline roller skates are the way to go! Unveiled at CES 2021 with an expected May 2023 launch date – get your game-face on and prepare for some serious zoomin’ around.

If you’re ready to take it up a notch, AtmosGear’s new electric inline roller skates are the way to go! Unveiled at CES 2021 with an expected May 2023 launch date – get your game-face on and prepare for some serious zoomin’ around.

eady for a gaming experience like never before?

Experience the next level of interactive fun with Tilt Five’s AR glasses. The unique system links up to your computer and unlocks a range of possibilities – from classic board games, to immersive video gaming experiences! Get ready for hours of engaging entertainment in an augmented reality world.

Bring your tabletop gaming experience to the next level with holographic technology! This system comes complete with AR-enabled glasses and board game that work together in harmony. It’s like having a real life simulation right at the tip of your fingers, just make sure you’ve got those supercharged safety specs before starting up – it’ll be an out of this world adventure!

Jabra Enhance™ Plus was designed with you in mind

Jabra Enhance Plus revolutionizes the listening experience, combining earbuds and hearing aids into one device! With these innovative buds you can rock out to your favorite jams while also enjoying crystal-clear phone conversations – all while experiencing a new level of sound enhancement. Helping those with hearing loss stay connected like never before.

Their sleek size and superior sound quality make these devices discreetly modern, allowing users to easily experience the latest audio tech.

Introducing Hasbro’s Selfie Series Figures

Have you ever dreamed of being a real-life action figure? Now, thanks to Hasbro’s Selfie Series, that dream can become reality! With your phone’s camera and some creative customization options based on different iconic franchises, you can turn yourself into the latest toy collectible. So get ready for all eyes to be on YOU – in miniature form!

Make a figure of yourself from these universes:

  • G.I. Joe
  • Ghostbusters
  • Power Rangers
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars

Unlock a whole new world of personalized digital figures with Habro’s app and your smartphone! Create one-of-a kind pieces that can be purchased with just a few clicks. Your unique figure will arrive in no time, ready to showcase its customizations.

Be dazzled by the spectacle of Twinkly Squares

Give your home decor a futuristic flair with Twinkly Squares! This modern twist on the classic Lite-Bright toy will add dazzling automated colored lights to any wall, transforming it into an exciting showcase for your home office or living space.

Transform your home into a work of art! Program and control IoT gadgets to create stunning digital displays, sync them with any music you’d like for the perfect atmosphere, or take advantage of their voice feature. Enjoy the full range of possibilities these connected devices have to offer.

The Xebec Tri-Screen 2 is a revolutionary way to multitask

Are you craving more viewing space on your laptop? Tired of the awkward dual-monitor setup? Look no further—Xebec’s revolutionary Tri-Screen 2 promises to change the way you work and play.

Expand your laptop’s viewing capabilities with this innovative gadget! It easily fits behind the monitor to double the screen space — giving you twice as much room for creativity.

Unlocking the convenience of modern

Modern technology can significantly upgrade your life! But it’s important to remember, with greater convenience comes an increased risk of security breaches. Don’t face this challenge alone; get help from a professional and keep yourself protected by scheduling a home security audit today.