Today’s modern workplace is awash with digital footprints, from the moment a new hire starts. With their company email address and application logins in tow, they can build up an impressive online presence – not least by connecting to your organization on LinkedIn!

As employees come and go in a company, it is essential to ensure the security of digital resources. That’s why digital offboarding plays such an important role; when an employee departs from their position, there must be steps taken to “decouple” them from any data or technology assets they had access to during employment – locking down these channels for smooth sailing ahead!

Former employees can prove detrimental to your business, leaving behind a trail of potential digital destruction. With maliciously-sent emails and the chance that sensitive data could be leaked months later, it’s essential to protect yourself from the risks associated with ex-staffers.

According to a recent study, one in five businesses have been impacted by the malicious activities of an ex-employee

Onboarding staff is often the focus, but it’s just as important to carefully manage digital offboarding. This process ensures former employees no longer have access to sensitive company information and protects organizations from potential risk – a critical safeguard for successful operations!

Ensure you don’t miss a thing with our comprehensive checklist.

Ensure a seamless transition with this Digital Offboarding Checklist

Knowledge Transfer

Companies can quickly become vulnerable when valuable expertise is lost due to an employee’s departure. To protect against this, it’s essential that the necessary information and company insight be preserved during digital offboarding procedures.

With the rise of social media, companies are constantly looking for new ways to get their message out. From leveraging apps and other channels to maximize productivity, such as using efficient processes when entering sales data into CRMs – the possibilities are endless!

To ensure a smooth transition, have all staff document their insights into procedures and workflows. This will create an accessible “knowledge bank” to help keep operations running smoothly should any employee be absent for the tasks they normally handle. Make sure you do a thorough knowledge download with workers during exit interviews as this is key in preserving critical information!

Keep your company connected to the world

Have ties to the former employee on social media broken? Is their personal Facebook account still an administrator for your company’s page and do any of their posts linger on your corporate LinkedIn profile? Uncovering these links can help ensure a complete break from previous personnel.

Keeping track of an employee’s online accounts is essential for any business

Although company IT departments may have lists of user logins and applications, many employees bypass security protocols by using unauthorized cloud apps to complete their tasks. Unfortunately, this can create far-reaching consequences that the employee might not be aware of.

Taking the necessary precautions to keep company data secure should be top of mind when an employee leaves their position. It’s important to thoroughly review any applications they may have used for business purposes and make appropriate changes – whether that means updating log-ins or exporting info before shutting them down altogether.

Keep your email secure

Securing your digital workplace is essential when transitioning an employee off the team. Ensure you reset their email password to protect confidential information and ensure they won’t be able to communicate on behalf of the company without authorization.

When an employee leaves, their accounts don’t just disappear; companies need to take extra steps. It’s important to change passwords so former staff can no longer access corporate data and emails remain stored safely.

Keep your business safe from the cloud!

Even after an employee has left the company, their old accounts remain vulnerable. To ensure security for all business apps, it’s important to change each and every one of them – no matter which device was used!

A single sign-on solution makes life easier by preventing access problems caused by various passwords. No matter which device your employees use, a unified password protocol can keep them securely logged on and productive!

Protect Your Business by Securing Company Technology!

Ensure that any work-related equipment issued to remote employees is collected from their homes for proper return. Don’t let those assets slip away–keep track of them and ensure a smooth transition back into the office!

Time is of the essence – act quickly to prevent any loss or misuse of company property. Once employees depart, their devices may find themselves in an uncertain future – sold off, gifted away, or thrown out altogether!

Protect the most valuable asset in your business

Companies have adopted the innovative BYOD policy to save money, yet offboarding employees can unexpectedly become more complicated.

It’s essential to acquire and keep company data safe on all devices. To safeguard this information, now is the perfect time to put a backup policy into place.

As employees move on to new opportunities

Unclosed employee cloud accounts can be a hacker’s dream come true! With no one to monitor them, malicious actors could quickly and quietly gain access. Now more than ever it is vital that when an employee leaves the company, their account information is immediately transferred to another user and the old account closed – otherwise you run the risk of confidential data being compromised without warning for months before anything suspicious comes up.

It’s time to secure your apps and network!

Keep your system’s security top-of-mind with an endpoint device management system that makes it simple to remove devices from authorized access as soon as a former employee leaves. Make sure their digital keys are taken back, ensuring confidential information remains secure.

Unlocking the potential of digital security by transforming building access codes!

Ensure your facility is secure! Craft a fresh digital gate or door passcode and eliminate any prior means of gaining access. Keep intruders from disrupting the peace by changing these codes regularly.

Looking to ensure a smooth and secure exit for departing employees?

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