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Technology users have long been at risk of sudden and often devastating data loss, stretching all the way back to the invention of floppy disks. Unfortunately for us, viruses or hard drive malfunctions can strike without warning – a fact that many tech-savvy individuals know only too well from costly first-hand experience!

Every week in the US, an alarming 140,000 hard drive crashes occur. SMBs are especially vulnerable as every five years many of them experience major data loss crises. As a result, cloud backup solutions have become increasingly popular and their market continues to prosper significantly.

The game of data backup has drastically changed in recent years, going from an unassuming act to a critical endeavor. Nowadays, it’s not just about having your information safe – but making sure that it remains secure as well! Data protection is the name of the game now.

What could this mysterious phrase mean?

Backups are an essential part of cybersecurity protection, but they can be vulnerable to threats like sleeper ransomware and supply chain attacks. For those looking for a convenient yet secure solution, cloud-based backup is the answer – offering access without sacrificing security measures.

As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, companies must be proactive in defending against them by devising a data protection strategy. By utilizing the right tools, businesses can safeguard their valuable information and ensure swift recovery from any future security breaches.

The digital age has presented a variety of new challenges, including data backup.

  • Data Center Outage: The “cloud” basically means data on a server. That server is internet accessible. Those servers can crash. Data centers holding the servers can also have outages.
  • Sleeper Ransomware: This type of ransomware stays silent after infecting a device. The goal is to have it infect all backups. Then, when it’s activated, the victim doesn’t have a clean backup to restore.
  • Supply Chain Attacks: Supply chain attacks have been growing. They include attacks on cloud vendors that companies use. Those vendors suffer a cyberattack that then spreads throughout their clients.
  • Misconfiguration: Misconfiguration of security settings can be a problem. It can allow attackers to gain access to cloud storage. Those attackers can then download and delete files as they like.

Protecting data is essential in the digital age

Don’t settle for basic data backups! Ensure that the application you use safeguards your information with industry-leading protection. When evaluating a backup solution, be sure to consider these essential components for maximum security.

Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware is like a malicious virus, spreading quickly across networks to reach every corner of their digital world. It can lock down data on computers and servers as well as mobile devices – even those connected through cloud platforms!

95% of ransomware attacks also try to infect data backup systems.

Protect your important data from malicious attempts with a backup solution that provides ransomware defense. This safeguard guards against automated alterations to vital documents for optimal security.

Using continuous data protection

Keep your important files in the loop! Continuous data protection ensures any modifications you make are securely backed up and stored, so no worries if something is changed by mistake. You don’t have to worry about relying on a daily backup schedule ever again.

Constant vigilance is the key to avoiding data disaster – continuous data protection ensures that your system captures any new changes, ensuring critical updates won’t be lost in a crash. In today’s rapidly-shifting digital landscape, no business can afford to lose even one day of valuable information!

In order to stay safe and secure

Keeping your data secure shouldn’t be a reactive measure – proactive steps such as threat identification can keep criminals and disruptive threats at bay. When searching for the right backup service, ensure it features this type of protective tool to give yourself total peace of mind.

A cutting-edge security solution scans all backups for sneaky, dormant malware – like ransomware – to ensure your data stays safe and secure.

Secure your digital space with Zero-Trust Tactics

With malicious actors becoming increasingly sophisticated, cybersecurity experts are uniting to champion zero-trust security. This cutting-edge strategy involves empowering users with multi-factor authentication and taking an extra precaution of safelisting applications before they can be used within networks.

A zero-trust approach guarantees that all users and applications are consistently validated – simply being logged in one day does not guarantee full trustworthiness. Instead, the user is held to a higher standard of authentication each time they access the system.

When looking for a zero-trust policy

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Distinct file and folder permissions
  • Contextual authentication
  • Verification of permissions for file changes

Backup Redundancy

Taking the necessary steps to protect your data is essential – if you only have one copy stored on a USB drive or CD, and something were to happen that would cause it’s destruction, there could be devastating consequences in terms of lost information. Backing up files onto multiple devices can ensure their safety no matter what may come!

Protect your data with cloud backup redundancy – double the protection! Backing up to two separate servers mirrors your digital assets, shielding them from potential risks like server crashes, natural disasters or malicious cyberattacks.

Secure your most sensitive data with air gapping

Shield your data in a modern-day vault! Air gapping is the perfect tool to keep sensitive information from prying eyes – it creates an impenetrable barrier by making a second offline backup of critical documents and housing them on servers untethered from any external sources.

Boost your data security with a copy of sensitive information kept away from the vulnerabilities of online threats. Make sure you have an extra layer of protection for important records, and peace-of-mind knowing that vital info is safeguarded against attack!

Struggling with your data security?

Today’s digital age brings new and challenging data threats each day – are you sure your backup process is keeping up? Don’t wait until it’s too late! Give us a call today to talk about safeguarding the valuable information in your possession.

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