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With recent data breaches becoming an all-too common occurrence, it’s no surprise that browsers like Edge are taking the initiative to provide notifications for when a person’s password has potentially been compromised. This is not only helpful in preventing hackers from wreaking havoc on your finances and identity, but also serves as reminder of how important cyber security really is.

With nearly 5,000 websites infiltrating and exposing customer data every month, form jacking code has become an unfortunate reality of the modern digital age. From luxury hotel chains to social media giants – no website is safe from cybercriminals’ tactics.

Hackers can access your sensitive information without you ever knowing it, leaving plenty of time for theft before being noticed – as was the case with CafePress. The popular online retailer that prints personalized items experienced a breach and left their customers vulnerable to identity fraud.

In February of 2019, CafePress was hit with a massive data breach exposing millions of users’ persona details such as names, addresses and security questions. Even worse the hackers were able to access social security numbers that had not been encrypted.

In February, a serious security breach occurred at a company and even though consumers were affected by this incident they weren’t informed until the late summer months. The FTC has now taken action due to the recklessness of their practices which left many exposed to potential harm.

Years may slip by like water through a sieve and you’d never even know that your data was breached. It’s no wonder browser providers create tools for alerting users to stolen passwords, but what about all the other vital information? Let us not forget the importance of staying vigilant in protecting our personal details!

With malicious threats constantly evolving, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity breaches so you can safeguard yourself. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of companies that have been hit in recent months – if your data is connected with any of them, now’s the time to take proactive steps and secure your information.

The digital world is a precarious place

Microsoft recently experienced a major data breach

On October 19, 2022 Microsoft’s world came crashing down as the company revealed a catastrophic misconfigured server had left private customer data exposed on an international scale. Over 65,000 businesses across the globe were estimated to have been impacted by this breach of transaction information.

A massive security breach has exposed 2.5 million students

Are you one of the unlucky students who received a student loan from EdFinancial or OSLA? If so, watch out – these organizations notified individuals back in July 2022 that there may be trouble on the horizon!

The personal information at risk included:

  • Social security numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Home addresses
  • Phone numbers.

A massive security breach impacted over 2.5 million customers

A massive data breach of 2.2 million individuals

U-Haul, a well-known rental firm with clients all over the world, was recently hit by something no one wanted to hear: data breach. Months of contract information between November 2021 and April 2022 were put at risk due to this security issue — an unwelcome surprise for those involved.

The breach exposed names, driver’s license numbers, and state identification numbers. It affected over 2.2 million individuals that rented vehicles from the company.

Neopets Breach May Have Compromised 69 Million Accounts

An innocuous virtual pet site provided an unexpected shock for its 69 million users when a breach of Neopets revealed leaked emails and passwords. Despite their cuddly appearance, these cute critters can pose serious cybersecurity risks!

The full stolen Neopet database and copy of the source code were being offered for sale for about $94,500.

One Employee Computer Causes a Marriott Breach

Marriott’s reputation was tarnished in July when its systems were breached, leading to the exposure of around 300-400 individuals’ confidential information such as credit card numbers. The cause? An unsecured computer belonging to an employee at the hotel giant.

With a dangerous history of hacking, staying with this company means putting your information at risk – so it might be best to play it safe and use cash or pre-paid cards. In just four years they’ve experienced three cyber breaches; that’s enough warning signs for even the most trusting traveler!

Shield Health Care Group

In the spring of 2022, Shield Health Care Group experienced a shocking security breach. Hackers gained access to up to 2 million customer records – compromising confidential medical information, social security numbers and other personal data for individuals in Massachusetts and beyond.

Flagstar Bank recently discovered a data breach

In December 2021, Flagstar Bank was faced with a devastating breach that left 1.5 million customers vulnerable – their social security numbers exposed to the public eye for 6 months before it could be contained. This cyber attack had widespread implications and ultimately caused significant disruption in its wake.

Block, a leading crypto asset custodial service provider

Block, a leading crypto asset custodial service provider, recently experienced an alarming data breach resulting in over 8 million users having their sensitive personal information compromised. With such widespread impact to current and former customers alike, it is clear that the privacy of digital assets must be taken much more seriously moving forward.

About 8.2 million current and former customers had their data exposed.

Crypto.com was the victim of a devastating cyber-attack

In an increasingly digital world, cryptocurrency has risen rapidly as a preferred method of payment. However, the benefits come with risks and in January 2022 hundreds unfortunately experienced one of those – their Crypto.com wallets were maliciously accessed.

With a sly precision, criminals breached the usually secure two-factor authentication to pull off an impressive heist – walking away with a combined $33 million in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Protect your online information with strong passwords

Protect your personal information and keep hackers at bay with a secure password management system. Learn more about how our solutions can help you guard against data breaches – give us a call today!

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