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Google is the most popular search engine in use today. It gets over 2 million searches per minute and remains an important stop for many people when they go online

If you’re looking for the right information, it can be hard to find. We search daily and often times we have sift through several irrelevant results before finding what our needs are- which is why I love using Google!

The time spent searching and gathering information has been proven to be a productivity sinkhole, as more web results are added every day. A recent study by consulting firm McKinsey found that employees spend an average of 1-8 minutes daily (or 9 hours each week) looking for what they need online – this can translate into serious losses in efficiency if not addressed immediately!

Google is the most popular search engine in America, providing over 50% of all searches. However there are some tips and tricks you can use to improve your productivity when using this service that will help find what information we need faster than ever before!

Search a Specific Website Using “site:”

You may not be able to find the information you are looking for on a general website, so it’s best if
you use an expert tool. For example: Government statistics can often only be found through specific sites and connections in order garner all of their data which is extremely valuable when trying do research projects or write reports!

The “site” function in Google will allow you to search keywords on a specific website.

In the search bar use the following:  site:(site url) (keyword)

This will bring up search results only for that one specific URL.

Find Flight Information Without Leaving Google

Thanks to Google, you can get your flight information without ever having to leave home. Just enter in what city and airport code (MPI) then click “Get Started”—you’ll be given all of the latest data including whether there are any delays or cancellations!

flights to your destination – just enter the name of an airline and you’ll get a listing with all available flights. And if there are no results, try again in another day or two! You can even tab through each flight info page individually before deciding which one works best foryou today: saving time while waiting around

Look for Document Types Using “filetype:”

The presentation on sustainable energy can be daunting, but there is some light at the end of this tunnel! If you’ve just been tasked with coming up with an informative session about it then take a look around online for inspiration.

When you’re looking for a good PowerPoint presentation, it’s not just the content that should be on your list. Searching websites can give you even more insight into how others have distilled this information down and made their point with clear slides – which means they’ll likely help find one too!

Google’s search function allows you toopy file types, so instead of webpages showing up in your results only raw HTML files will appear.

To use this function, type in the following: filetype:(type) (keyword)

In the case of wanting to find a PowerPoint on sustainable energy, you could use the following in the search bar: filetype:ppt sustainable energy.

All the results will be PPT presentations.

You can also use this function for other file types, such as:

  • DOC
  • PDF
  • XLS or XLSX
  • SVG
  • and more

Narrow Down Timeframe Using the “Tools” Link

If you want to find the most up-to date statistics on a certain topic, then try searching within your desired time frame. You can also page through all of those results or tell Google what kind of data it should include in its search engine so that there are no inaccurate pieces being shown when we do this again in six months!

To narrow your search results by a specific timeframe, do the following:

  • Enter your keyword and click to search.
  • Under the search bar, click the “Tools” link.
  • Click the “Any time” link.
  • Choose your timeframe.

You can choose from preset timeframes, like past hour or past year, or you can set a custom date range for your results.

Locate Similar Sites Using “related:”

When researching a topic online, it’s often helpful to find related websites. Seeing sites that are similar can also be used if you want do some comparison shopping and /or look for specific products or services on the internet before making any final decisions about what companies might best fit your needs!

When you use the “related” function on Google, they will provide a list of websites related to your query.

In your search bar, type the following: related:https://website.com

One more way that you can leverage this search tip is to look for competitors by entering your own website URL in the search.

Get Rid of Results You Don’t Want Using “-(keyword)”

The main timewaster of online searching is non-relevant results. You have to page through pages with nothing in them that has anything at all related back towards your original search, just because they use one keyword too many for their listing!

By using negative keywords, you can eliminate irrelevant search results. For example if I was looking for restaurants in New Orleans but kept on getting pages related to The Wizard of Oz movie-I would have found what i wanted without those unnecessary listings!

Just type: (keyword) -(keyword)

To exclude certain keywords from your search, just type them with a minus sign in front of the word. For example if you wanted to find only movies about dogs but not cats or antiques then typing: “dog -oz” would do it!

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