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Microsoft Teams provides a multi-functional platform to help teams stay connected – from video calls and messaging, to collaborative authoring. During the pandemic it quickly became an essential tool for many people seeking reliable communication in their remote work journey.

Microsoft Teams has seen explosive growth in recent years – leaping from just 20 million users back in November 2019 to a staggering 270 million this year. It’s no wonder the platform is now widely considered as one of the most popular and effective business tools for team communications around!

Microsoft Teams is a popular app with many useful components, but they must be configured and organized correctly in order to reach their full potential. Furthermore, users should take time to learn the ins-and-outs of this system; by doing so they can gain an understanding of how best utilization practices for maximum effectiveness!

Microsoft Teams is more than just a team collaboration tool

Let’s explore the unique features of Microsoft Teams and how it can enhance your team’s workflow! We’ll then provide an easy-to-follow setup guide to get you going quickly and efficiently.

Teams is your key to getting work done from anywhere! It’s a comprehensive hub for teams, offering collaboration tools and task management capabilities. Plus its external communication features let you video conference with anyone across the globe or add guests into chats – no office building needed!

MS Teams has something for everyone

  • Siloed chat channels
  • Security for team communications
  • Integration with Office apps
  • Integration with 3rd party apps
  • File sharing
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • VoIP phone system (with an extra add-on)
  • Keep all team resources in a single place
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has come a long way since its initial launch

Small businesses now have access to Microsoft Teams for free! With the easily-accessible app, you can upgrade your communication and collaboration with colleagues from anywhere. Upgrade to a Microsoft 365 business plan for an even better experience – additional features included!

Microsoft’s MS Teams is revolutionizing the way we stay connected. Whether it be for work, family time, or education initiatives – this virtual office platform has you covered! With its scalability and versatility at your fingertips, staying organized and coordinated with your coworkers/PTA members just got a whole lot easier!

Getting started with Microsoft Teams has never been easier

1. Take the plunge and team up!

With Teams, you can create tailored workspaces for your teams to collaborate without fear of disorganization. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and working together effectively!

Some ideas for setting these up:

  • Set up teams by department (accounting, marketing, etc.)
  • Add a company-wide team (where everyone can collaborate)
  • Set up teams by role (office managers, executives, etc.)

Structure your organization around hierarchy to ensure security. Keep team areas exclusive, allowing only those with invitations access to their content.

Set up Your Teams - Departments

2. Bring together the brightest minds to work on your project!

Form teams to give each member of a department or group access to resources posted in their designated team area. By grouping together, individuals can collaborate and share ideas with ease!

3. Let’s get the team talking!

Move beyond teams and into channels to add an extra layer of organization! Structuring conversations with specific topics in mind will help ensure efficiency within departments like marketing. When setting up a team, consider adding several funnels so that your chats stay focused and information is easier to locate.

Why not set up some specialized channels for your team?

  • Website Management
  • Social Media
  • Offline Advertising

With proper planning and organization, team channels can be incredibly useful for collaboration – but without it, things could get out of hand in no time! Establishing guidelines to control the setup is key to keeping everything streamlined.

4. Create a pathway to success

A key to improving efficiency on the accounting team is utilizing tabs. With just a few clicks, employees can have quick and easy access to essential tax reporting websites – eliminating wasted time searching for links or login credentials, especially when someone’s filling in for a colleague!

Team Tabs

Streamline your team’s organization with the new Tabs feature at the top of their channels! Simply click the plus sign to add a website link, relevant info and consolidate all important resources.

5. Get up to speed on MS Teams!

Despite the best intentions of company initiatives, success can still be elusive when users are not properly prepared. Without adequate training on MS Teams, many employees will stick to their own preferred methods and processes; this ends up undermining all efforts made by those pushing for a move to Teams as adoption won’t reach its full potential.

All too often, corporate projects flop because users are not given the resources they need to succeed. Without proper training on how to use MS Teams, employees may fall back into habit and continue using their previous method of communication – effectively nullifying any growth or progress made by introducing this new technology.

Ready to unlock the powers of teamwork within your organization?

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