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Windows 11 has been out for a few months now, beginning rollout in October of 2021. It has been largely well-received and seen as stable with very few bugs noted.

One of the reasons that Windows 11 has been welcomed with open arms for both home and business computer upgrades is that it isn’t a dramatic experience difference from Windows 10. This upgrade is mainly focused on helping users do tasks faster and find things more easily.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to upgrade to Windows 11, we’ll go through several of the most helpful features below that might make you want to upgrade sooner rather than later.

And if you have already upgraded your machine to Windows 11 or purchased a new PC with the OS installed, you’ll want to look over these features to make sure you haven’t been missing out on some productivity enhancers.

Snap Layouts

With all these new features and improvements in Windows, it can be a challenge to find the perfect balance between using multiple windows on your computer screen without any overlapping or partially hidden panes. You might end up spending time resizing each window just right before opening another full sized browser tab so you have access both ways – not only scroll bars but also everything else!

Users are often forced to switch back-and forth between windows. This is both time consuming and annoying for many people who would rather just use one app at once!

The modern world is becoming more and more hectic with the advancement of technology. A recent study has shown that app switching costs users at least 30 minutes per day, making it difficult for them to get essential work done!

Enter… snap layouts in Windows 11.

Window snapping is a new feature that will solve all your problems by providing you with several options for window arranging. The view itself has been designed so we can reach every scroll bar and menu item in an app’s particular windows without having too much trouble on our hands!

One of the most time-saving features in this new operating system is that it’s very intuitive and easy to use.

Texting & Video Calls from Teams on the Desktop

We all know how frustrating it can be when our texts are altered by auto-correct, but now with Teams you’ll never have to worry about that again.
The new integration between Windows 11 and Microsoft’s newest messaging app means no more printed word mistakes!

Teams has made it easy to get started. With its native integration with Windows, you can simply setup a team by inputting your name and phone number, then you’re all set!

Join meetings, share screens and have instant access to people all from one place. The Microsoft Teams icon on your desktop enables you do this quickly with just a few clicks of the mouse!

The To Do Widget

Window’s 11 has a new feature that’s still in beta and not finished called widgets. The panel currently only contains some basic applications but more will come which makes it really useful!

The icon on your taskbar will take you to this panel where the widget feed can be tailored with local weather, traffic news and more.

For those who are always on the go, this To Do widget will be a lifesaver! You can create tasks and check them off without ever having to open another application.

The widget can be added in seconds to your panel and can be quite a time-saver bWith a simple click, the widget can be added and you’ll have instant access to all of your feeds from one place. This is especially helpful if you want quick updates on specific topics or just need an overview about what’s going in different parts at any given moment! because of the easy access right from your desktop.

Streamlined Start/Search Menu

The new Start/Search menu in Windows is a great way to find what you need quickly. Simply click on the Windows icon and type your search keyword at top right corner for instant access!

It’s amazing how much information you can find just by searching the Start menu. With a few clicks, everything from documents and settings to applications are right at your fingertips!

The streamlined interface not only reduces the clutter of old Windows Start Menus but also makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Task View

Task view is a great way to stay organized and get more done. It’s like your own personal office, with all the tools needed for focusing on what matters most in one place!

You can use the Task View icon on your taskbar to create a different virtual desktop with open applications and documents. For example, you could keep email running in one corner while watching videos or sharing screens via other windows at any given time!

Get Help with a Smooth Upgrade to Windows 11

There’s no point in rolling out an upgrade when it causes downtime. Save time and money by working with our team at Ayvant IT Services so your users can get trained on the latest features without having any issues during or after their installation!

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