As the ever-evolving workplace pivots to a hybrid setup composed of multiple at-home offices, Microsoft has responded with security apps tailored specifically for this new way of working. Enabling employees and employers alike to stay secure in our rapidly changing business landscape.

Outsourcing is playing an ever-increasing role in how businesses operate, with freelancers hired to work the same hours as employees. This efficient approach results in reduced overhead costs and taxes for companies — a whopping 68% of big consumer products firms are now opting into this type of arrangement!

With employees now working from home, the need for secure networks and up-to-date devices has become critical to protect vital company data. Businesses must ensure their remote workers have reliable systems in place to keep sensitive information safe across multiple locations around the world.

More than half of employees are leveraging their own tech to stay productive and get the job done remotely!

Microsoft has been an integral part of the dramatic shift to remote working, and its latest product reinforces its commitment to providing users with tools that match these newfound needs.

Microsoft recently announced a game-changing security solution for Personal and Family users of its 365 products – Microsoft Defender. This powerful new tool, released on June 16th, provides robust protection from online threats allowing individuals to confidently navigate the digital world!

Microsoft Defender is an essential tool for staying safe online

Microsoft 365 subscribers can take advantage of their subscription and get state-of-the art protection with the brand new app, Microsoft Defender. With no extra cost to Personal or Family plan holders, this is an excellent way for users to increase security without opening their wallets!

Microsoft recognized the need to safeguard small businesses and families from digital threats, prompting them to introduce Microsoft Defender. As a cost-effective solution for companies with limited budgets, consumer plans of Microsoft 365 were made available – allowing such organizations access to robust security measures at an affordable price point.

This app is your digital guardian angel

Keeping your digital world safe can be a daunting endeavor

Many households possess a variety of devices that are connected to the same network, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Unfortunately this also increases the risk of one vulnerable device infecting all others on the system – making it difficult to protect against potential hacks.

Microsoft Defender helps you keep an eye on everyone’s security status with ease. Get a quick view of whether Sally’s new phone is protected or not, and add or delete devices in just a few clicks!

Protect your devices with cutting-edge safeguards

The app offers robust safeguards from digital dangers, featuring antivirus and anti-phishing features to help keep your data safe.

Microsoft Defender gives users the ultimate control over their device security. You can scan any and all devices for existing threats, as well as safely flag certain applications to be monitored – giving you a tailored scanning experience that works best with your individual needs.

Keep up-to-date with our real-time recommendations and alerts!

In the ever-accelerating digital world, hackers use automation and AI to launch their assaults – leaving cybersecurity teams in a frantic scramble to prevent breaches from amplifying into greater disasters. Every second counts when it comes to containing this menace!

Microsoft Defender has your back! Get real-time alerts when something goes wrong and never be left guessing what to do – get recommended actions for fast solutions. No more panic mode – you can react quickly and confidently with the help of this amazing tool.

Don’t miss out

Microsoft Defender for Individuals is essential to ensure the safety of your digital identity, but there are even more benefits! Learn about additional features and their importance today.

Searching for the perfect download?

Access the power of Microsoft Defender with a Personal or Family plan subscription to Microsoft 365. Download today and start protecting your digital wellbeing!

With what device can you access it?

You can use Defender to secure and monitor the following devices:

  • Windows: Windows 10 version 19041.0 and higher
  • Mac: Intel Macs from Catalina 10.15 and higher, and Apple silicon-based devices from 11.2.3 and up
  • iPhone: iOS 13.0 or later
  • Android: Android OS 6.0 or later

With how many devices can you expand your digital world?

Protect your devices with the strength of Microsoft Defender. With the M365 plan you have, safeguard an unlimited number of home or work gadgets from potential cyber threats!

  • If you have Microsoft 365 Personal plan, you can receive protection on up to 5 devices at the same time.
  • If you have Microsoft 365 Family plan, you can receive protection on up to 30 devices at the same time. (5 devices per person, 6 people total)

Need to decide between a personal and family plan?

With both Microsoft 365 plans, you can access a cornucopia of Office and other applications – the only difference being how many people or devices are able to use them. Unlock powerful collaboration opportunities today!

  • Microsoft 365 Personal: $69.99 US/year, 1 person, 5 devices
  • Microsoft 365 Family: $99.99 US/year, 6 people, 5 devices per person

Unlock great savings by signing up for the Family plan! With just two members, you save big and with six – even bigger. Experience more bang for your buck today!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Microsoft Security on Windows and Microsoft Defender?

Microsoft Defender offers advanced security features to Windows users beyond what they may already be familiar with. While the standard Security app comes pre-installed on all Windows devices, Defender provides an enhanced level of protection against viruses and malicious threats.

Microsoft Defender:

  • Is not pre-installed on Windows. You must download it.
  • It’s a cross-device application used on many different devices
  • It includes features for online security
  • It includes alerts and security tips

Discover the power of Microsoft 365 and Defender

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