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As the year winds down, it’s time to make sure your business is positioned for success in the new one. Using technology strategically can help you find innovative ways of optimizing operations and ensuring growth. Taking a closer look at IT could be just what your company needs to thrive!

Every year end, organizations are prompted to evaluate their IT and implement both changes that will bolster profitability as well as strategies for mitigating cyber risk. This review provides an invaluable opportunity to reassess current technology use and make improvements where necessary in order to ensure security while optimizing returns on investment.

Ready to move ahead of the competition? Data from Deloitte shows that small businesses who embrace digital technology are leading the way. Those innovative organizations often have an advantage thanks to their savvy use of technology, including more streamlined processes and dynamic customer relationships. It’s time for your business operations to step into a new era!

  • Earn 2x more revenue per employee
  • Experience year-over-year revenue growth nearly 4x as high
  • Had an average employee growth rate over 6x as high

Companies that leverage technology to its fullest potential can experience immense success and security. According to IBM, having an incident response plan in place not only provides greater protection against data breaches, but it could also save up to 61% of the costs associated with such a breach. Additionally, utilizing AI-driven automation for your business’ cybersecurity strategy will result in potentially saving 70%.

Take time this holiday season to ensure your business is secure and set up for success in the new year with a tech review from an IT provider. Be sure you’re ready to tackle whatever 2021 brings!

As the year draws to a close

Embarking on a year-end technology review is the perfect opportunity to assess your IT infrastructure. Make sure all security bases are covered, identify areas where efficiency can be improved and weigh bottom-line repercussions before making any decisions that will shape future tech initiatives.

Technology has changed the way we live, work and play

To ensure every digital operation is up to date, reevaluate your tech policies frequently. Adapting with the times means refreshing guidelines and regulations – like updating a device use policy if staff are now working remotely from home. Staying ahead of the curve allows you to stay on top of new situations!

Keep your staff up-to-date with policy changes! Taking the time to give employees a recap can help ensure that no details have been lost since their onboarding experience.

Ensuring your business is prepared for the unexpected

Recently, has your organization perfected its plan for responding to emergency situations such as cyberattacks or natural disasters? Are staff members equipped with the necessary steps and precautions should an incident occur? Don’t let yourself be caught unprepared – ensure that you are ready for anything!

As we head into the new year, now is the perfect time to start preparing for potential future disasters. Take steps such as crafting a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and scheduling regular drills and training sessions so that you’re ready if anything happens!

Struggling with IT ails?

Before undergoing a large IT upgrade, it is essential to be mindful of the potential disruption or strain that might arise for employees. With some thoughtful foresight and consideration, you could unlock unparalleled possibilities to boost morale and empower team members with greater efficiency.

Uncover your employees’ tech perspectives and discover how technology can help boost business performance. Poll them on their favorite apps, as well as the ones that give them trouble – then put those insights to use by targeting improvements where it matters most!

Private access to sensitive accounts must be monitored closely

As part of your year-end review, take the time to check that privileged accounts are being used as intended. Even small changes in permissions can accumulate over time and leave an opening for attackers to access sensitive networks – so make sure you stay vigilant!

Having tight control over privileged accounts is essential for any business. By limiting the number of these access points, you can minimize your exposure to risk and protect yourself from potentially devastating account compromises. Safeguard your organization’s future by making sure only those who absolutely must have admin-level permissions do so!

Take a closer look at your accounts and make sure you don’t have any unwanted visitors. Unused or ‘orphaned’ accounts can put your safety in jeopardy, so be sure to close them off before anything unexpected happens!

Revolutionize your technology strategy in 2021!

Unplanned IT upgrades and decisions can quickly lead to unintended consequences. To avoid unpleasant surprises, proactively outline a strategy for upgrading your systems in an organized manner.

Be proactive and safeguard your company’s cybersecurity with a vulnerability assessment. This useful tool will identify potential issues, allowing you to budget in advance for the necessary upgrades – avoiding any nasty surprises down the line!

Organizational data stored in the cloud is on the rise

Are you using too much of the cloud? Take a closer look at your applications and find out how to avoid redundancies, save money, and get the most from what’s in your environment. Perform an audit now for smarter technology spending!

Unsanctioned cloud applications can create a serious security risk! Employees may use these technologies without management knowledge. Identify and address any shadow IT, either by closing the accounts or having them approved officially to ensure maximum safety of your data.

Customer-Facing Technology

To ensure your technology infrastructure is providing a great customer experience, why not view it through the lens of one? Take some time to go through your website and contact process – just as if you were an actual client.

Frustration is a surefire way to turn away customers and leads. Make this new year one of optimization for user experience – integrating fixes into your customer-facing technology that can help tackle the common issues many face when using it.

Want to make sure your technology is secure?

Get ahead of the game and get a headstart on tomorrow’s technology with our comprehensive review. We’ll provide you with customized recommendations to help guide your path into the future – free of charge! Schedule your consultation today.