The laptop debate is real – Windows or Mac?

Working from home is not easy, as the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths increase around the world, most of the industries are advising their workers to work from home here in orange county. Working from home has its own unique set of challenges! Creating a comfortable space to be productive is key, and there’s more than meets the eye. You will need not only an inviting desk setup but also reliable technical support in order to optimize your productivity — you are now responsible for juggling all those duties that fall squarely on the shoulders of teams within offices! With the widespread shift to work-from-home environments, it’s becoming essential for many people to get a new computer. But with so many different operating systems on offer, deciding which one is best suited can be an overwhelming task! It ‘s time now more than ever to select wisely and arm yourself with your ideal tech companion – no matter what OS you choose.

Mac OS and Windows each have distinct advantages that make choosing between them a difficult decision. In this article, we explore the positives and negatives of both platforms so you can confidently come to your own conclusion about which one is right for you.

Microsoft Windows

Windows, released by Microsoft in 1985, has revolutionized the way we use laptops. It is universally compatible with an array of popular brands such as HP, DELL and Lenovo – all without sacrificing quality or performance! However – like any other system- there are pros and cons to consider before taking the plunge into this versatile operating system.


  • Easy to use – If you’re new to technology or have used the older versions of Windows, then this is your perfect upgrade. This operating system offers an easy-to-navigate interface with everything standardized for a smooth and convenient user experience.
  • Available Softwares -Windows is the OS of choice for people all over the globe, and that means developers are constantly coming up with innovative new software options. From Office programs to speciality apps – whether you prefer shopping online or in person, there’s no shortage of amazing tools available!
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