Microsoft 365 is the clear front-runner in the world of office productivity software, boasting a 48.8% global market share that surpasses its competitors by just a few percentage points.

Office essentials just got a whole lot easier with an all-inclusive solution for individuals, small & mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. With this new tool you can do it all – from easily working on documents to securely accessing cloud storage or having stress free video meetings!

With its expansive array of over 20 applications, Microsoft 365 offers an abundance of possibilities that can make life easier. Unfortunately, some users remain stuck in the same old patterns and are unaware of the time-saving bonuses available to them through M365 – beyond just word processing!

Some of the many apps you get, depending on your subscription plan, include:

  • Excel
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Outlook
  • To Do
  • OneDrive
  • Teams
  • Forms
  • Defender
  • SharePoint
  • Yammer
  • Lists
  • Access
  • Bookings
  • Intune
  • Planner
  • Visio
  • And more

Microsoft 365 offers an array of features and apps that can help you get the most out of your subscription! We’ll take you through some helpful tips to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Make the most of Microsoft 365

1. Get where you want faster with Search

Many of us have experienced being stumped while attempting to find a particular feature in an app. Like the frustrating task of trying to adjust margins and expand page space within Microsoft Word – it sounds straightforward but can prove elusive!

Have you ever been stuck, feeling lost in the digital labyrinth while trying to find a certain feature? Experiencing searches that are as fruitless and exhausting as walking through an endless hall of mirrors! An all-too familiar experience is attempting to expand page space within Microsoft Word – what should be a simple task so often turns into something exasperating.


2. Leverage the Free Stock Images, Icons & Videos

When it comes to promoting your business, appearances matter. Visuals like websites, brochures and presentations need quality images that don’t necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag.

When using images for commercial purposes, the last thing you want is copyright infringement! Instead of relying on a simple Google search to get your visuals, do some extra leg work and find royalty-free photos that won’t land you in hot water.

From PowerPoint to Excel, Microsoft Office is an untapped creative resource! Unlock a vast library of free visuals: videos, icons or 3D models and take your marketing projects to the next level.

Find them by going to Insert > Pictures > Stock Images

With just a few clicks, you can easily add images and videos to your document or presentation – no more tedious searching! Just use the tab at the top for quick access to all of your media needs.

Stock Images

3. Get the Most Out of Your Spreadsheets with Data Types!

With just a few clicks in Excel, you can quickly become an expert on any topic! From the population of major cities to sophisticated nutrition analyses, uncovering hidden insights has never been easier.

Unlock incredible facts and figures in mere seconds with Excel’s “data types!” From yoga to chemistry, data types are your go-to source for populating tons of information tailored to a variety of topics. Let the adventure begin!

  • Start by adding your list (e.g., a list of menu items)
  • Highlight your list.
  • Then, click the Data tab.
  • In the Data Types window, choose the type of data it is (e.g., Food, Plant, etc.).
Excel Data Type
  • Next, click the small database icon that appears at the top of the list.
  • Choose the type of data you want.
  • The details will populate into the next open column on the right for each list item.
Excel Data

4. Need more time to focus on what matters?

Create surveys, polls and questionnaires quickly with M365’s secret weapon: Microsoft Forms. Designed to simplify the process of gathering feedback in real-time, you’ll get your results right away when recipients press “submit” on the cloud form!

With a few clicks, you can conveniently access your results directly in Excel for further analysis – like creating graphs or uploading the data into existing templates.

Microsoft Forms

5. Unlock your presenter superpowers with PPT’s Presenter Coach

Are you feeling the pressure of delivering a presentation? Presenting to clients or your team can be daunting, especially when going virtual. Don’t let those jitters get in the way of showing off what makes you shine!

Perfect your presentation with a smart assistant! PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach feature uses AI capabilities to give you feedback on everything from pacing, filling words and more. Become the master of public speaking in no time by utilizing this powerful tool.

If you’re feeling the pressure of a big presentation, don’t worry

6. Streamline your email workflow with Outlook’s Quick Parts

Are there certain messages that your customers need to know? Whether they’re looking for directions or support, you can make sure these essential details reach them with automated emails full of helpful information.

Stop typing the same thing over and over again! With Outlook’s Quick Parts feature, you can save time by quickly inserting pre-saved blocks of text into your emails.

  • Create a Quick Part by highlighting the text to save in an email.
  • On the Insert Menu, click Quick Parts.
  • Save Quick Part.

Ready to reuse a message from another email? It’s easy! Just use the same menu, then click the Quick Part button and watch your text appear.

Outlook Quick Parts

7. Need to quickly copy and paste text without formatting?

Streamline your workflow with a useful keyboard shortcut! Transform copy-pasted text into plain format for MS Word documents to save yourself time and hassle. With this simple trick, you can keep your document in pristine condition without any of the formatting from copied sections.

Need a super speedy way to get things done?

  • In Word, click File> Options.
  • Click Customize Ribbon.
  • At the bottom of the panel, next to Keyboard shortcuts, click Customize.
  • Scroll in the left pane to All Commands.
  • Look for “PasteTextOnly”
  • Type your keyboard command, then click Assign.
Keyboard Shortcut

Looking for a way to get the most out of Microsoft 365?

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 with security-enhanced, time & cost-saving features. Schedule a consultation to find out how we can help you take your business to new heights!

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