Network Support Services

Network Support Services

Network Support for Computers, Telephony, Routers, Servers, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points

Network Setup & Installation

Ayvant provides network establishment, installation and troubleshooting services for every type of company. Our networking engineers design all types of computer networks. We evaluate your business needs and setup your network accordingly. Setting up of network requires many equipment likes cables/wires, routers, and active internet connection. Engineers at Ayvant are well equiped and trained to address all network service requests.

Network Administration

To manage the network infrastructure and achieve optimimum performance of your network, you need professional network engineers who have the right skills and experience. Ayvant provides network administration support at a fraction of a full-time employee's cost. We can administer all your network appliances lncluding Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Access Points, Line of Sight Connections, etc. Get it touch with us today.


Network Security

Strong Security is vital for any type of network because the internet connected networks are more vulnerable to virus, spyware, or ransomware attacks. Our team of experts design and suggest you with the possible solutions to cover up the holes in the firewall of your network. Engineers at Ayvant IT Services can secure your wired & wireless networks as well as monitor 24/7 to protect your network from any network intrusions or attacks

Technical Support

We provide companies with services. We accept questions and requests, providing exceptional customer service to our customers, either personally, by telephone or by email. We are a committed team that aims to skyrocket business, in a timely and competent manner, representing the technologies.

We support our customers in using software, systems, networks, PCs, scanners, printers, and training equipment at the University. Our staff allows students to manage and restore machines, connect the Network, telephones, e-mail account and apps.

Server Administration

The server administrator support involves developing, installation, managing and optimizing corporate servers and relevant modules, ensuring that different business applications may achieve the high efficiency needed by tuning their servers. This includes ensuring that customer / server applications are available, configuring all new implementations, and developing processes and procedures for continuous server environment management. The server administrator helps the physical safety, integrity, and security of the data center / server farm to monitor the situation as appropriate.

Networking Cabling

The implementation of networking technology is one of the main facets of network cabling across all network infrastructures. Our services include server room cabling, Patch Panels & Server Rack Setup. We ensure that a stable and accessible cable network is built that extends the IT infrastructure and is ready to handle improvements in technology now and in the future. Ayvant never compromises on the qualities of cables and other material involved. Contact us with your requirements for your network cabling project and we will get back to with a quote that is competitive without compromising on the quality.

Ayvant IT Services have the capability and capacity to offer great computer networking support services to our clients in Orange County, whether they are in a small, medium or large business. We offer world class technical services in Irvine that will help integrate computers in your business. Finding qualified people to help you integrate all your computers, printers and their like is a difficult task, and that is why we are here to offer you quality and professional assistance in this area. We are well equipped to ensure that your devices get all the necessary updates that are needed and that they are in good condition.

In line with that, worry not if your network will be secure because we offer security solutions by installing anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and firewalls that will ensure your computers and network are safe. Even after offering quality network services in Irvine California, we ensure that the system has a great recovery system that is designed to quickly and effectively revive the network system in case of any malfunction. We are also well equipped and trained to analyze the problems that may lead to system and network failure and therefore come up with effective solutions.

Our training and being well equipped helps us speed up slow computers and systems therefore ensuring that they can handle the network. Moreover, we install and update software that is necessary in ensuring that the network functions well. We are proud of the services that we offer, as we build close relationships with our clients; that lead to more partnerships and maintenance contracts.

Why choose Ayvant IT Services for Network Support Services?

Ayvant give adequate support for computer network which is essential for basic working of many companies. Customer satisfaction keeps driving us. We provide amazing network support services for residential and business customers. We work on the principles of commitment. We offer excellent communication and performance that speaks at its own. Our team of experts, engineers, and technicians are well-equipped and experienced in delivery industry-standard network support. 

We always love to hear back from you. Your feedback matters to us and helps us improve our services over the time. Our company has earned great fame whilst supporting companies in accomplishing their goals. We are currently working in Orange Country and Los Angeles. What makes us different from others?

The massive experience in the field of IT, and the skilled staff makes us unique from other services providers. We work 24/7 for supporting, managing, troubleshooting network related problems. We offer several industry-standard services that help our potential clients to work seamlessly without worrying about wear and tear of equipment or tools. We deliver network support services to all kind of businesses. No matter how small or big your company is, our service level will remain the same. 

Ayvant has the top-selected skilled professionals that help to reach out client companies. We have plethora of IT-related services. Our services ranges from server virtualization to network supporting services. Call us today to get support for network related issues.


Our customers love us !

Here at Ayvant IT Consulting firm, your success is our success, and that is why you need us to help you with all IT related problems. So give us a call today if you require any of our services within Orange county and within 24 hours you will already have met our team and developed a plan to ensure you do not lose any working time.

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