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Support for Windows Servers

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Server Setup & Install

Setting up the server for the first time is tricky for some people, and the installation of an operating system is another hassle. While Ayvant has extra-ordinary experience in setting up and the entire installation of various types of servers.

Our engineers have solutions to provide maximum support after installation. The company has a specialized team in managing servers. 

Server Administration

Our team of engineers will provide your dedicated server with 24 hours of server management and monitoring. The team will keep inspecting the server and gives you an audit report including a protection and health review.

We track the server for uptime right over the clock and proactively restart the server if any downtime is observed under System management services.

Server Migration

Server Migration is not only transferring data to other sites from one site. The process has multiple measures to ensure seamless transfer and a successful completion. As the migration between platforms may yield numerous problems including a malfunction email address, site connections, network. Ayvant has tailored scripts to push the cross-platform hosting servers to minimize downtime from the network. 

Computer Optimization

Optimization of computer is the process of modifying the system and make some features of it work more competently. Ayvant IT Services optimize your computers and other devices so that it runs faster and upgrades it to work progressively. Optimization of the computer may be for a single device or even an entire network computer of your business and employees.

At Ayvant IT Services, we optimize the computers not only to perform better but also to resolve errors you might be getting while you use your computer.

Virus & Malware Removal

Undoubtedly, a single malware file in the system can steal, interrupt, and damage devices. These viruses and malware usually enter computer through the websites, emails, and flash drives. After entering the system, they are infecting and corrupting system software / files, causing system failure.

Ayvant defenses your computers and servers eliminating all malware and viruses from your business devices. The company also provides sandboxing and firewalling of network to prevent viruses attacking the core of system. 

Remote Office Setup

When the employees work from offices, they are enforced to work in traditional office space and environment. But when the employees are on a remote team, they have complete control to arrange things in their workplace.

Ayvant IT services being the best IT service provider gives your unique ideas to set your workplace and helps to do it within your budget. We also provide on-site technical support for your remote employees to help them with initial IT setup and with any IT issue they might face while working remotely. Let Ayvant Setup your Home Office.


Why choose Ayvant IT Services for Windows Server Support?

Amazing Tech Support for Windows Servers.

Certified Server Technicians

Ayvant give adequate support for computer network which is essential for basic working of many companies. Customer satisfaction keeps driving us. We provide amazing network support services for residential and business customers. We work on the principles of commitment. We offer excellent communication and performance that speaks at its own. Our team of experts, engineers, and technicians are well-equipped and experienced in delivery industry-standard network support. 

For Small & Medium Businesses

The massive experience in the field of IT, and the skilled staff makes us unique from other services providers. We work 24/7 for supporting, managing, troubleshooting network related problems. We deliver network support services to all kind of businesses. No matter how small or big your company is, our service level will remain the same. 

Fair Pricing & Excellent Customer Service

We provide you with accurate rates of services offered to match any scenario, expenditure, and time requirements. 

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