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Office 365 or Google Workspace, We Can Help !

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Support for Microsoft Office 365 & Google Workspace

Office 365 or Google Workspace, We Can Help !

Office 365 is a paid subscription offered by Microsoft. The services include basic productivity applications, that are prerequisite for employees to work efficiently and productively for their company. The subscription is not limited to ordinary options. Certainly, this subscription gives exceptional features such as very productive tools and cloud services. Additionally, Microsoft keeps services improved consistency and hence, updating the newer versions of tools, to enhance the workability and reliability.

Google also competes with Microsoft in providing these office productivity services. Google services are termed as Google Workspace — provides similar basic applications. Although, their pricing plans are depending upon the no. of employees in the company. Certainly, the services include cloud storage and other features like multiple video conference calling. There are few features available only for enterprises because these are usually administrative tools required on a large scale. Google offers a plethora of tools, that it may become difficult to decide about which plan to choose. 

As we know, rapid communication plays a vital role in the development of any company. Both suites offer effective productivity. The suites offer tools that help the employees of the company, to cooperate and communicate with each other quickly. Consequently, these suites are necessary for every field or size of the company. 

Now, it becomes a little tricky whilst opting services, that are almost alike and offered by such big companies. Therefore, Ayvant helps its clients by delivering them with detailed juxtaposition about each perspective of the service from both services. Our team compares each suite side-by-side and helps you decide about your final decision. Our experts help you to migrate your existing company system to these professional suites.

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E-mail Migration

There are two ways of migrating email accounts — Automatically and manually. Google Workspace and Office 365 both offer migration of email accounts to their platforms. The process of shifting an existing mail account can sometimes become very complex. We help migrate your e-mail accounts from GoDaddy, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, etc. to any of these suites.

E-mail Administration

If you have Office 365 or a Google Workspace Subscription, It is essential to manage, update, and monitor your e-mail system. From initial setup of Office 365 or Google Apps. to managing users & groups, mail flows, setting up E-mail archiving, Litigation Hold, Ayvant IT Services can administer your E-mail platform effectively and logically. 

E-discovery & Archiving

eDiscovery allows you to custom search any content with the desired keyword, and the tool searches for it in the entire e-mail suite. If you have a good e-mail retention policy, you can even recover deleted e-mails. Archiving is another way of retaining your e-mails without cluttering your inbox.  Ayvant can help you with both E-Discovery & Archiving.

E-mail Security

It is very important to secure the mailbox of the company by adding additional or isolated environments to eliminate any viruses, malware, spyware before reaching the actual mailbox. Therefore, email security is a top priority. Ayvant provides the best sandboxing and security for the email of your company from hackers.

E-mail Recovery

Any novice attempt to restore messages from the company’s email may lead to complete destruction of e-mail data. Thus, it is highly recommended to seek professional help to retrieve files and folders within the mailbox. Our team of data recovery technicians has the ability and power to restore from both computers and servers.

Online Calendar Help

Calendar is a vital feature of Google Workspace and Office 365 . The tool enables team members to plan and organize themselves. Certainly, several companies reported that there was difficulty setting up Calendar initially. Our IT experts can assist by resolving the issues and provide you with guidance on the usage of the calendar app as well.

Microsoft Teams & Google Meet Support

Microsoft Team & Google Meet both are chat-based tools that enables global, remote, and dispersed teams to work together and share information through a common area. These apps are loaded with features like screen sharing, co-hosting, meeting recordings, etc., allowing 100+ users to connect at the same time. Several people felt problems whilst setting up these tools. The team of experts at Ayvant is always ready to resolve these problems.

One Drive & Google Drive Support

OneDrive Business is a cloud computing software supplied with Office 365 or SharePoint Server from Microsoft. But many people face problems like automatic synchronization and setting up the drive. Google Drive is provided with G Suite. Nevertheless, it also has some flaws, that require troubleshooting. Ayvant can resolve nearly any kind of problem-related to these cloud drives. And if you're not using the App yet, Ayvant can help you setup one for yourself.

Apple Mail & Microsoft Outlook Support

Mac Mail is an email client pre-installed within Apple Computers. Whereas, Outlook is a personal managing application, that includes email client, calendar, contact, and many more. But, many peoples face problems while setting up this client application with their actual email accounts. Ayvant helps their client setting up emails, online calendar, Archiving, E-mail Signatures, PST Repair. Email Encryption and many other services including in these e-mail clients.


Why choose Ayvant IT Services for Office 365 / Google Workspace Support?

We have helped hundreds of businesses with Office 365 & Google Workspace. We can help you migrate, manage & even secure your productivity suite.

Certified Technicians

Ayvant give adequate support for computer network which is essential for basic working of many companies. Customer satisfaction keeps driving us. We provide amazing network support services for residential and business customers. We work on the principles of commitment. We offer excellent communication and performance that speaks at its own. Our team of experts, engineers, and technicians are well-equipped and experienced in delivery industry-standard network support. 

For Small & Medium Businesses

The massive experience in the field of IT, and the skilled staff makes us unique from other services providers. We work 24/7 for supporting, managing, troubleshooting network related problems. We deliver network support services to all kind of businesses. No matter how small or big your company is, our service level will remain the same. 

Fair Pricing

We provide you with accurate rates of services offered to match any scenario, expenditure, and time requirements. 

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