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Lost Important Data? We Can Help !

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Best Data Recovery Services in Orange County & San Diego

Lost Important Data? We Can Help !

Ayvant IT Service offers Data Recovery Services to many businesses & individuals in United States & Canada. Our services helps the firms to work efficiently and seamlessly without compromising on service levels.

We offer data recovery services in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego. Some of the data recovery services can be performed on-site including initial diagnosis, basic data recovery troubleshooting. Based on the condition of your storage device, we will share an estimate of price and time involved in the recovery process. Once approved, we take your storage device(s) to our lab for the recovery process.

Within 24 - 48 Hours, we share the initial report that will tell you if the data can be recovered from your storage device, processing times & cost to recover. Once we get a go ahead from you, we start the recovery process.

We understand the criticality of data, and also offer priority data recovery services.

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Hard Drive Recovery

Ayvant is an expert in recovering hard drives — both physical and logical. Physical repair requires repairing physical components of hard drive whereas logical recovery is a simple recovery of lost or deleted data by the user. We may recover the data even if the hard drive is formatted or partitioned. If data is lost due to bad sectors or a mechanical failure, we can rebuild your hard drive and extract data. Data recovery experts at Ayvant have the right tools and experience to recover your lost data.

RAID Recovery

We can recover the RAID Arrays on servers and data in them without causing any further damage to hard drives. Our team of Data Recovery professionals are always ready for any RAID server recovery with quick speed and efficiency. RAID arrays may stop working without any reason and warning and if you pick an unexperienced company to recover your data, you might lose your data forever. At Ayvant, We have years of experience recovering crucial data from failed RAID Systems. Call us today for data recovery services.

Apple Mac Data Recovery

Although Apple make pretty well designed computers that can last for years, data loss can still be inevitable. With more compact designs these days, hard drives are just a chip soldered to the Motherboard. At Ayvant, we have high-quality tools that can recover the important data from the MacBooks, iMacs & Mac Minis. Our team of Data Recovery Experts can retrieve data from nearly any model of Apple Mac. Ayvant has the certified technicians to perform the job in the lab.

NAS / SAN / DAS Recovery

Ayvant has massively experienced engineers and they have tremendous knowledge about every kind of storage. The team is capable of recovery both newer and old models and can recover servers from any manufacturer, supporting all file formats and operating systems of DAS, SAN, and NAS.

Email Recovery

We can assist you with e-mail restoration, even notes and attachments can be retrieved from a lost partition or a damaged hard drive, without rebuilding the whole archive. At Ayvant IT Services, we support all major email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc.

USB Flash Drive Recovery

Most of the time, the important documents or the pictures on the USB flash drive are wiped accidentaly or your USB drive is not recognized by your computer. It is not possible to retrieve the deleted files on ordinary computers. However, at Ayvant we can HELP you recover data from USB Drives.


Why Choose Ayvant for your
Data Recovery Services?

Our company has helped thousands of customers like you recover their important data from damaged Hard Drives, Servers & USB Drives.

Certified Data Recovery Technicians

Data recovery can be a stressful and complicated process, but with the help of our team it doesn't have to be. Our certified data recovery technicians perform every step in an environment free from contaminants, so your information is safe from any future damage. We are fully committed to upholding industrial standards at all times during this process for you!

Professional Data Recovery Lab 

Ayvant is a leading data recovery company that can help you if your servers, RAID arrays, or flash drives have been corrupted. Level 1 Logical Data Recovery to level 3 Clean Room Data Recovery- Ayvant will be there for all of your needs!

Fair Pricing & Excellent Customer Service

We provide you with accurate rates of services offered to match any scenario, expenditure, and time requirements. 

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