Our smartphones and laptops contain a wealth of our most personal information: financials, passwords, photos and videos. But losing them is enough to send us into a spiral of panic – we need these devices not just for their functionality but also the irreplacable data they store!

With all the digital trails you leave behind, your device holds more personal information than anything else on Earth! Losing or having it stolen is a cause for serious concern.

The reality of a criminal having access to our personal data and cloud accounts is frightening, reminding us that it isn’t the device hardware itself we need to be protecting – but rather the sensitive information stored within.

Lost smartphones are a huge problem with nearly 70 million disappearing annually, and the likelihood of recovery is grim as only 7% make it back to their owners. Unfortunately, workplace theft is much too common accounting for over half of all missing devices- always keep an eye on your phone!

Companies can face serious consequences when their laptops or smartphones are lost – data privacy violations and even ransomware attacks could take place. Protecting your business from these costly outcomes is critical for any modern organization!

In 2020, Lifespan Health System paid a $1,040,000 HIPAA fine. This was due to an unencrypted stolen laptop breach.

In the moments after you realize your device is missing

When critical devices go missing, speed is of the essence. Taking swift action within minutes can mean all the difference in protecting sensitive data from exposure – whether it be a personal or business device.

Our devices keep track of so much more than we realize

Criminals can potentially unlock a vast wealth of information with just their fingertips – smartphones, tablets and laptops hold the keys. From personal data to financial details, these devices contain access to an abundance of invaluable knowledge.

  • Documents
  • Photos & videos
  • Access to any logged-in app accounts on the device
  • Passwords stored in a browser
  • Cloud storage access through a syncing account
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Multi-factor authentication prompts that come via SMS
  • And more

If you’ve lost your device, don’t panic!

With a lost mobile device, time is of the utmost importance. Make sure to take swift action in order to minimize potential threats to personal or business data security. The faster you act, the better chance at protecting yourself from damage!

When a device suddenly goes missing, time is of the essence.

Activate a “Lock My Device” Feature

Keep your mobile devices and laptops safeguarded with a remote “lock my device” feature. Turn on this security measure in conjunction with location services for an added layer of protection against even the most skilled thieves, as it will slow them down from accessing whatever is stored within!

What about “find my device?”

Don’t risk a potentially dangerous confrontation with thieves – if you lose your device, use the “find my device” feature to locate it without ever stepping foot outside.

Losing your device can be a nerve-wracking experience

If you use a device for business, inform your company quickly. From accessing work emails on personal smartphones to utilizing endpoint device managers – staying up-to-date with employer policies is vital so that access to the corporate network stays secure and intact.

Acting fast when your device goes missing is critical to safeguarding company data and protecting confidential information. Don’t wait; report the loss right away for maximum security!

Make sure your access to SaaS tools is secure

The modern world is full of convenience, as evidenced by the enormous number of commonly-used software tools accessible with just one login on our mobile devices. SaaS (Software as a Service) includes accounts for productivity and organization such as Microsoft 365, Trello, Salesforce and many more.

If one of your devices has gone missing, no worries! You can quickly remedy the situation by logging into your account through another device and heading over to its settings. Find the unauthorized gadget in question, log out from it immediately and consider revoking access so that any potential wrongdoers are kept at bay.

By disconnecting the device from your account

Secure your cloud storage with a few clicks!

To keep your data safe, make sure to cut cloud connections when revoking access. Could a criminal be exploiting the sync between your missing device and an online storage platform? Stay vigilant – protect yourself from potential threats!

Hackers could unleash a powerful malware that turns your storage system into an infected wasteland, wiping out its contents forever. It gets worse; they can even factory reset devices to put them on the market again at the expense of all stored data in cloud accounts.

Active a “Wipe My Device” Feature

Technology can be unpredictable at times, but backing up your devices gives you peace of mind that all your files are safe and secure. Don’t just protect the present – safeguard against any future mishaps with a reliable backup plan!

If the device appears to have been taken or gone astray, you may want to consider using a remote “wipe my device” function if it’s configured. This will clear out any data stored on its hard drive – giving thieves and intruders no access whatsoever!

Are your mobile devices secure?

With an ever-growing reliance on mobile devices, it’s essential for companies of all sizes to stay secure. Allow us to help protect your business with our cutting edge endpoint security solutions – contact us today!

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